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وان كارد - قسيمة بقيمة 15 دولار

You can use 1500 points to get 15 USA One Card Voucher

You need to register on OneCard.com. Please follow the below steps to make an online payment with OneCard:

  1. Visit OneCard's page: https://www.onecard.net/customer/register.html
  2. Sign up and provide your email, password and user keyword.
  3. Click on the link: “For your account number, Click here”, to complete your profile (ex: name, DOB, mobile number, etc.).
  4. Activate your mobile account number.
  5. Access the “Latest products & services” tab and click on “All” to select the item you wish to redeem.
  6. Enter the 14 alphanumeric digits (all letters in caps) sent to you by email after exchanging your points for a OneCard e-voucher.