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Ramadan insights - Shopping and Spending habits

The insights for this week are focused on Shopping and Spending habits.From our latest survey we found out that TAWASOL community members during Ramadan spend more money in food and dining out.42% admit to spend on average 10% more than in an usual month, and for 39% of respondents the preferred method of payment is cash.


Social Media Stats in the UAE

This insight focused on Social media usage. Facebook appeals to a large variety of consumers while Instagram and Snapchat have more niche appeal. Youtube and Linkedin are highly popular despite fitting a niche purpose most likely due to lack of competition. Females are most likely to use Instagram and Snapchat; platforms which focus on connecting with family and fireds via sharing video/pictures.



Health & Safety are top priorities for MENA residents when choosing a destination for their holidays

Holiday makers in the MENA region take on average one month of vacation per year, their favourite destinations are Asia and the Middle East, they  travel mainly by plane and their holidays budget is between $500 and $2000 per year.

The insights are from a survey conducted by TAWASOL among UAE, KSA and Egypt residences.