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Why should I join?

There are a number of reasons for joining the community:

  • Connect with likeminded people
  • Participate in paid surveys
  • Participate in our discussion forums
  • Design own polls
  • Winning prizes from Raffle draws
  • Redeeming points on Souq.com for vouchers

How should I register?
On the main page, you can see the registration block on the right hand side. Fill in all the details provided and enter submit. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID. Once you click on the activation link, the registration process would be completed.
The entire process of activation takes a maximum of 4-5 minutes. This is a onetime requirement only. From the second time onwards, you just need to log-in using your sign-in details.

Does TAWASOL operate in my country?
Tawasol operates in UAE, Egypt & KSA only at present. To be a part of the community, you need to be residents of these countries. We plan to add members from other communities at a later stage and will let you know about it as and when we are ready.

Why do I need to share personal details?
We need to know your personal details for classification purposes. For e.g. we need to know your age to better understand why people of your age think in a certain way. We may also need to know your ethnicity for similar purposes.

Are my personal details safe?
We follow the highest standards with regards to data protection. We also follow the latest security protocols. Hence, your personal details are safe with us.
Secondly, personal details are never shared with any client. The client only gets to know feedback at an aggregated level and not by individuals. He will therefore not be able to connect a specific response with a specific customer.

Can I refer my friends and family? Will I benefit from referring friends and family members?
You can refer any friend or family member provided they are more than 15 years of age. For every contact from your side who registers with us, you will get 100 referral points as bonus.

What is the procedure for referring friends & family members?
You will find your unique referral link in your account page on the central tab called WELCOME TO TAWASOL, copy and paste the link in a e-mail and send it to all your friends or post it on social media. As mentioned, you will be rewarded 100 points for each friend that register with us.

How do I get invite to market research study/survey?
TAWASOL will invite you to participate in market research study via e-mail (invites will be delivered to the e-mail address that you used to register with us) or, alternatively you can access new surveys directly on your TAWASOL account on the section called My Survey

How many points can I earn by participating into market research studies/surveys?
The number of points awarded per survey will change each time accordingly with the length of the study. The survey's invite will always specify the number of points awarded for that specific survey. Survey rewards can start from a minimum of 100 points for completed survey.

How long will the points be valid?
There is no validity period for the points you accumulate. You can use it as long as you remain a member of Souq.com.

Can I club points from multiple IDs that I own?
Please note that as per our standard policy, you can only claim points for a survey only once. Even if you are using multiple IDs to complete a survey, you will only be eligible for points only on one of the email IDs.
If multiple members of your friends circle or family are members of Tawasol, it is not possible to transfer points from one user to the other.

How can I redeem my points and get the e-Voucher?
Once you reach 5000 points, you need to write a mail to the admin manager. The admin manager will carry out some routine security checks and once these checks are completed, an e-voucher with a code will be sent to you on your registered email ID. You need to use this code at the time of checking out on souq.com to avail the necessary discount.

Can I gift the Souq.com voucher to someone else?
Yes, you can gift the voucher to someone you know.

In case I lose the digital voucher, can it be resent to me?
Please bear in mind that anyone who has access to the digital voucher can exchange it for goods on Souq.com. Hence, you need to take care of the digital voucher. However, in case it is lost, you can request for a copy of the same mail that was sent to you by sending a mail to the administrator from your registered email ID. This is subject to the condition that the voucher has remained unused.

If there is a problem with the quality of goods I purchase from Souq.com, can I complain to Tawasol?
Please bear in mind that we have no control on the quality of goods ordered by you and delivered by Souq.com. We will therefore not be able to take any responsibility with respect to quality of goods. In case you have any issues with quality of goods, you need to contact the customer care department of Souq.com.

I have any inquiry with home I have to contact?
There is a link on the portal, saying write to administrator. Please click on the link and send a message to the administrator. We normally respond to all queries within 24 hours.

What is if I forget my password?
In case you forget your password, please use the link 'forgot my password' link on the login page. You will be sent a reset link to your registered email ID which you can then use to create a new password..