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Earn points at TAWASOL is fun and easy! Here’s how you do it

Take part into Market Research studies
Each time that you participate into a market research study you will earn a minimum points for complicated studies.

Refer a friend
Refer as many friends as you like, and earn 25 points for each friend that join TAWASOL

Redeeming your points
Once you reach the redemption level you will be able to redeem your points for a voucher of your choice
TAWASOL redemption levels are:


Rewards Type
TAWASOL preferred Reward partner is Souq.com, but we have other options to redeem your points as hyper market voucher, Cash when it reaches to $15 (1500 points)
Souq.com has more than 4,000 products to chose from, with a fast delivery in your region of residence.
Alternatively you can choose an other reward type, or you can donate your rewards at the Red Crescent

What are you waiting for? Join TAWASOL today and start earning points