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Tamarind should must be in the Kitchen and Beyond
Thin tamarind extract can be massaged on the scalp, allowed to act for half an hour and then shampooed off. This is advisable to prevent hair loss. Bright shine: Traditionally, Indians have always used tamarind pulp to clean items such as jewelry, silver. The acidity of the tamarind is good for removing the opaque from metal objects made of brass, silver and copper which damage them when they react with oxygen and moisture in the air or when they come into contact with water. I always have Tamarind in my kitchen store http://www.yourkitchenstore.info/ Too much of the good: Tamarind is severely sour and overcrowding is damaging tooth melting. It can also include stomach acid and acid reflux when used excessively. Make your choice: Tamarind is now available in the market in many forms. Dried tamarind is available all year round. Carefully press the packs to determine if the tamarind is soft when you buy the packaged variety. Too many seeds means too little pulp, so be careful the lumpy package. Tamarind in dark brown tones is preferable, it gives a rich color cooked in the dish and tend to stay fresh longer. If you need to store Tamarind for a longer period of time, choose a medium ripe variety with shining seeds. Keep in an airtight container. Some recommend the pinch of some stone salt to prevent the fruit spice forever dehydrated. As ripe tamarind is picked, "peeled" and dried, it tends to collect dirt. Ripe tamarind is not only attractive to humans: it also attracts insects. So, be sure to check for plague-hit products. Concentrates and pulp are ready for use.


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